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Personal Shredders - Good and Bad

One of the early stage, typical solutions to shredding is to acquire a "personal" shredding device from one of the office supply stores.  However, these shredding devices are very limited in a variety of ways.  The most important limitation might be described as boxes or pounds of paper per hour.  These devices will not shred any kind of volumes.  The reason is the limitation of being able to only submit a few pages into the shredder at any one time.  If you have 500 sheets to shred, you willl likely divide them up into groups of 5 or 6 sheets at a time to insert into the shredder.  If you insert too much, the machine will jam.  Read further to see the other drawbacks of a personal shredding including SAFETY.


If small children or pets have access to the location of your personal shrredder, be sure it is unpluged at all times.  Children or pets can get easily caught in a shredder and cause serious physical harm.  Loose fitting clothes can also get caught in a home or small office shredder.


Okay, you try to do the right thing by buying a home or office shredder.  Once you realize how long it takes, you delegate the shredding to someone else.  It takes them just as long and is just as boring as it is for each of us.  The consequence is they don't do the shredding.  I know of a case where shredding intellectual property was delegated to an intern.  Eventually the intern got bored and the intellectual property was merely torn in two and thrown away.  Lastly, if material is required to be shredded, you probably don't want the lowest paid person in the office to have access to it, such as social sercurity information, payroll records, critical correspondance, etc.